The following information on Capacity is potentially  applicable to all populations:

Decision-Making Capacity Checklist --  includes 12 criteria for determining ability
to make decisions.

Capacity / Informed Consent Checklist -- includes criteria for determining capacity
and specifically for giving informed consent regarding a particular issue.

Decision Making Capacity Rating Scale (DMCRS) -- system for scoring 12 criteria
and determining level of capacity.

Caregiving and Capacity -- capacity is on a continuum, posture  toward caregiving  
(Autonomy vs. Paternalism) is on a  continuum,  the interaction determines whether
our approach is one to Control, Protect, Support, or Neglect.

Autonomy vs. Paternalism -- article in Topics in Behavior Support Series which
discusses a self-determination  vs. a "we knows best" approach to assisting others.

Some Notes on Capacity Assessment -- notes from a lecture,  includes comments
regarding various aspects of capacity, what it means and does not mean, how to
assess, as related to dementia, etc.
The Long and Short of Memory Deficits in Dementia -- article corrects some
misconceptions about the nature of short and long term memory deficits in
dementia; provides explanations of various types of memory and forgetting by
comparison to computer terminology and functions; includes chart.